Sander Mak

Sander is a Fellow at Luminis in The Netherlands, where he crafts modular and scalable software, most often on the JVM, but with a touch of TypeScript when needed. He also is a Java Champion and author of the O'Reilly book 'Java 9 Modularity' (see As an avid conference speaker, Sander loves sharing knowledge, also through his blog at and as Pluralsight instructor.

Sander Mak Sander Mak

Pluralsight Courses

I've authored several Pluralsight courses. A free trial is available if you don't have a subscription to Pluralsight yet.

Pluralsight Course: Java 9 Modularity

This two hour video course gives you insight into the Java module system using practical examples. You'll learn how to create and use modules and how to migrate your applications to Java 9.

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Pluralsight Course: What's New in Java 9

This 3,5 hour video course shows all important new features of Java 9 in a hands-on manner. Topics range from JShell to Stream/Optional API enhancements, new APIs like HttpClient and ProcessHandle, performance and security improvements in Java 9 and much more.

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