Facebook announces Apollo at QCon NY 2014

June 11, 2014

Today I attended a talk 'How Facebook Scales Big Data Systems' at QCon NY 2014. It turns out that Jeff Johnson took this opportunity to announce a new project by Facebook: Apollo. The following is a rough transcript of the talk.

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Generating JUnit test reports with Jasmine 2.0

March 6, 2014

While setting up a new project at work, a seemingly small upgrade from Jasmine 1.3 to Jasmine 2.0 broke a vital feature: the ability to generate JUnit XML reports for JavaScript unit tests. Long story short: I created jasmine2-junit to bring this feature to Jasmine 2.0 again.

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ng-conf 2014: the world's first AngularJS conference

January 20, 2014

Last week I attended the world’s first ever dedicated AngularJS conference in Salt Lake City. More than 700 JavaScript developers gathered in the Little America hotel for two days to learn from Angular core-devs and community members.

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A failed experiment: improving the Builder pattern

October 21, 2013

Sometimes, you want to try something new. Like last week, when I wanted to implement a builder for a domain object. In Java, lest you wonder why the code samples in this post are so long.

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